Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The New Way(ve) in Third Wa(y)ve?

There's a new soda pop on the market.

And it's called Coke Bleech!

As in kinda nasty.

As in overpriced.

As in don't bother.

Actually, it's not that bad. Like coke with some weird vanilla latte flavoring added to it. Which also makes it kinda nasty.

But at least it comes in a glass bottle.

An 8z glass bottle that costs you more than a dollar each.

It was worth it to try once. I seriously doubt I will ever spend money on Bleech again.


Mark said...

Dude... tried it. It sucked seriously bad 1972 Ford Pinto tailpipe.

I give it another 6 months on market before it's pulled ;)

bz said...

the one redeeming quality i had HOPED for was some road jolt. in the era of energy syrups, you know, at least they coulda spun the coffee thing into a cooler awake-aid.

but no. worthless.