Friday, November 10, 2006

I Know Jay

A curious thing happened to me this morning...

I'm manning the bar at Spro Coffee Towson when a customer inquires if Spro is related to Jay's Shave Ice in Timonium. Why yes, I tell her and she continues on how she enjoys Jay's Shave Ice because she's from Honolulu and that she's talked to Jay before...


Of course, there's not a glimmer of recognition in her eyes that I look anywhere remotely familiar to her. Without skipping a beat, I continue on the conversation as though I'm just another staffer working behind the bar at Spro Coffee.

I didn't have the heart to say anything to her.

But I could've sworn when I looked in the mirror this morning that I am Jay!

1 comment:

Phil Proteau said...

I bet there is a beautiful Japanese word for the feeling of being both complimented and slighted at the same time. It would be difficult to pronounce for the westerner, and much controversy would ensue over the exact spelling used with our alphabet, lest you unknowingly cause a slight mispronounciation that results in the speaker uttering a word that really means street urchine who desires nothing from you yet receives alms from those who feel guilty with thier own fortune.

I hate when that happens.