Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Q&A

Here's a few more Q&A questions I ripped off from Capitol Swell:

1. Chopsticks versus Fork & Spoon?
Good Lord man, of course I choose the Fork & Spoon. There's nothing finer than the Fork & Spoon. Nothing goes to waste and there's no wasted energy or movements. No errant rice kernels running away. Just pure eating satisfaction.

And there's nothing I hate more than those cheap, plastic chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant.

2. Favorite Japanese Food?
For me, a yariman would be too obvious. But for food, I prefer a nice soy based tonkatsu ramen with hard boiled egg and gyoza on the side.

3. Could you have sex with a hot nun?
If she looked like Marlene Favela from the Ugly Betty telenovelitas Vidas de Fuego then the answer is "AMEN"!

4. Does Mormon Porn exist?
Considering the two Mormon girls I've dated - I'd say the answer is: "Yes Jesus"

5. Is it good?
They were.

6. Should "It's A Wonderful Life" be redone and updated?
Perhaps I should see the original before commenting. But without seeing it, I would like either Joss Whedon or Ronald Moore to do the "re-imagining."

7. Are there any movies that should be redone?
Caged Heat from 1974 would be my first choice with an all-star cast featuring Ashley Blue, Charlize Theron, Bridget Moynahan, Penelope Cruz, Anna Ortiz and Beyonce Knowles. It would be an instant hit.

8. Worst Christmas Present?
Clothes. Most people don't put enough thought into their Christmas gifts. I'd prefer people share with me their greatest gift: time.

9. Favorite Vacation Spot?
The old futon on the lanai at Ipo Place, Honolulu, Hawaii. Wish it were still there.

10. Would you use the Omega 13 from Galaxy Quest?
Considering it only takes you back 13 seconds in the past, I'd have to say No. I need to back 17 years to make the changes I'd like to make.

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One Little Seedling said...

Joss Whedon should re-imagiine "It's a Wonderful Life" in space... with vampires.