Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to hate It's a cool website that allows people (like myself) to create "web spaces" for people to get to know me. The interface is clean and straight-forward and the MySpace Universe is populated by a myriad of people and their whims. From teens (and adults) trying to hook up with each other to businesses and bands trying to create a "personality" to people who are just trying to connect with friends.

And while I enjoy the MySpace experience overall, I'm growing increasingly irritated with its' denizens and their "tastes."

Years ago, when I was first learning design theory, one of the first adages was that merely because you could use all the fonts on your computer, you shouldn't. This is a lesson missed by most of the people on MySpace. Take a look at the MySpace pages of your friends (or people you're interested in hooking up with) and you'll see some of the most horrific examples of graphic/web design known to mankind. A mish-mash of colors, fonts, font sizes, cutesy pictures, animations, illustrations and anything and everything in poor taste that represents the individual.

Pile on top of that the continuing cacophony of music/sound tracks that so many insist on including in their MySpace page and it becomes downright maddening.

So please people, stop with the cute pictures. Stop with the multitude of colors. Stop with the music. Stop with all the nonsense because it's taking too damn long for your pages to load into my browser.

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Andy said...

Myspace is horrible. If people want to learn about you, make a real website. If you wanna go teenybob around a wild cycle of posers to pedo's Myspace is awesome...was that harsh.. I mean if you need yet another place to gang up on a friendslist outside of IM, Email, face talk, and well done blogs..

Doesn't it remind you of Geocities pages from days gone by? Bad design, horrible implementation, down right scary what people make.

If you _must_ be in a social service there's a new service coming out called Virb(.com) and it has all the social tidings but it is cleaner and much much easier to edit/customized.

Although I still think you'll see people who have no design or aesthetic ability create things that burn our retinas.

I try and stay far far away from social sites. That or wear thick protection and shades. ;o)