Thursday, June 14, 2007

Attack of the Clones

I think I'm supposed to say that I feel "violated."

But I don't.

It started on Saturday with a $1.75 charge declined at a luncheon for my goddaughter Brooklyn. I thought I might have been overdrawn, but there was plenty of money in the bank and chalked it up to the proprietors being cheap about the charge.

Then it happened again on Monday night while I was out with Lady G for a declined $39.67 charge at The Tomato Palace. Hmm, maybe some checks came through and I didn't have enough? Good thing I still carry cash. Made a mental note to check in the morning, but forgot all about it.

Until yesterday at Exxon and the card was declined again - forcing me to actually walk inside the TigerMart and pay cash for gas.

Now, I was pissed and finally called The Bank.

Turns out that someone in Downey, California had cloned my bank card, went on a shopping spree at Best Buy late last week and the bank suspended the card on the "suspicious" charges. "Suspicious" because the card was being swiped both in California by pseudo-me and in Maryland by real-me. Glad to see someone at the bank is paying attention.

After confirming some other questionable charges - like $30 charge for Kate Spade note cards at the paper store, The Bank said they would do a little more research then give me my money back. I mean, who in their right mind actually charges their meal at McDonald's - Three Times??

So, I guess I'm supposed to feel "violated." But I'm not. To be honest, I'm barely fazed by all of this. This kind of thing happens and then it's rectified, so I've lost very little. Of course, if I only had $850 in the bank, I'd be pissed. But this week, I've got a bit more so it doesn't hurt that much.

Meanwhile, I'm trying my hardest to be violated.

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