Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The End Before The Beginning

Locust Point Farm

The Egg. It's a symbol of life. New life. A life to come. But this egg is anything but that. It's a sad reminder of a life that was and one that will never become. An ironic twist to the lives that will continue as a result of the end to this one.


aikibarista said...

It seems so sterile.
I'm much more used to the farm environment; reality bites your ass then.

RichW said...

I learned today that you can essentially "kill" a goose egg by painting it with cooking oil before the air sac inside has a chance to develop.

I learned this because Pittsburgh just killed more than 200 geese that were crapping all over a local park - and the folks at the Humane Society were going, "Hey guys,that was a bit over the top... ever try this?"

Eggs are amazing. Until now I thought they were perfect. But to succumb to a little cooking oil...

scottlucey said...

what are you doing there!? i'm humored by the tag 'barista' under that pic... dead chickens, eggs, wha?