Thursday, September 13, 2007

Man of La Concha

Three conchas hanging out at The Spro.

I want to stake my claim now, before it's too late:

I have had conchas prior to my trip to Mexico City.

I just never knew what they were.

And now that I've had real, authentic, Mexican conchas - battled over by Senora Garcia, I know what they should taste like. Light, fluffy, delicately sweet and covered with a rich, sugar topping. A true concha is divine. All the others are just poseurs.

Unfortunately, these conchas are the latter.

I found them at the local Mexican bakery filled with friendly folk but the bread was rough and on the dry side, which made for an unpleasant eating experience that wasn't overturned with coffee. A proper concha is a delight to behold and perfectly balanced with coffee. Although, the center one with the pink stuff was better than the others.

The search for great concha in America begins...

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