Sunday, October 28, 2007

More From The Kitchen

The day's special: Grilled Halibut with kale.

Before heading off to HouseWerks annual Halloween bash and the Gutierrez's flaming pot of goulash, I stopped by Woodberry Kitchen and ended up having another round of plates with Amy. It was the first day of revenue service so we decided to split a couple supper plates.

The special of the day was a grilled halibut with kale. I find kale to be rather chewy and prefer not to look too closely at the texture of the leaf, which reminds me of the textural patterns one finds in tripe. However, the kale didn't taste like tripe but was rather good - for kale. The halibut was nicely done. A slight carmelized crisp on the exterior yet fluffy and thick on the interior. Very enjoyable.

The second dish we had was the Bone-In Pork Shoulder served with a mixed beet torte. The pork is cooked sou vide for sixteen hours and 160F, then finished in a skilled before serving. Because of this, portions of the meat are incredibly tender. Not falling off the bone tender as might happen with slow roasting or smoking for the same amount of time, the fibers still hold together but the texture is silky, soft and refined in a way that smoking or roasting just cannot match. The mixed beet torte was interesting for its' textures and odd bites of sweetness.

The Bone-In Pork Shoulder.

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