Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Fridge

The Motherlode.

Was trying to organize the fridge after a morning breakfast of chipotle chilaquiles and thought I would share my current stock (starting from left to right):

- a third pan filled with camembert, cheddar and gouda cheeses
- one Haas avocado, just about ripe
- nine pan of crumbled queso anejo
- ziplock bag of queso chihuahua
- 2qt cambro of chipotle chilaquiles sauce (just reheat)
- cup of homemade herb butter
- Queso Oaxaqueno
- Queso Fresco
- 2qt cambro of guacamole
- 2qt cambro of salsa verde
- 1qt jar of chimichurri (hiding behind the guac)
- 1 ribeye steak from Springfield Farms
- 1 vacuum pack farm-raised chopped pork
- 1 pound salted butter from Trickling Springs Creamery
- 1 squeeze bottle of Mexican-style crema

On the window sill, in a six pan, I've got fresh cilantro, green onions and asparagus in water, ready to eat.


true said...

hmm. I made chipotle chilaquiles for lunch yesterday. Instead of lamb's quarters or chard, I mixed in fresh local mustard greens just before the tostadas. It absolutely rocked. The mustards had just the right bitter bite to stand up to the chipotle.

If you ever pull together the Esmeralda/chile Shootout, I'm flying in from Gainesville...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of goodies. Can you use it all before it's less than fresh?