Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chocolate Cheapskates

Chocolate bar samples. What a joke.

I was cleaning out some of the drawers at The Spro today when I found these chocolate samples from a New York State chocolate company. They sent them to me to try out and consider carrying their rather expensive bars.

Now, I'm open to new and interesting products, it seems I'm always trying something new and I certainly can't carry everything so a company has to make an impression and this company made a poor one.

Note to potential vendors: if you're touting your "great quality" in a chocolate bar then how about sending the whole damn bar? What's with these two pieces of chocolate? I've got a staff to sample the product to and get their feedback. Plus this measly offering just makes your company look cheap. Damn cheap.

Further, I do expect follow-up phone calls to see what we thought of the product. However, if you're such a miserly company to only send these measly samples, don't call me six times to see what I thought. I thought poorly, that's what I thought. If you're going to be this cheap in our courtship phase, then how much abuse will I have to endure if we get into bed (so to speak)?

Suffice it to say that we passed on doing business.

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