Monday, November 05, 2007

Almost Off The Menu

Cast Iron Ribeye modified with french fries and fried egg.

Hadn't hung out with Christine and Chef Mike for some time, so we made a date so they could try out Woodberry Kitchen. I was late getting out of The Spro so they had started off without me. Mike and Christine are adventurous eaters and are up for anything. In other words, my kind of people.

It was one of those nights where you seem to know everyone in the place. Beyond the Woodberry crew, there's Guti (pronounced goo-tee, as in Gutierrez) sitting at the Captain's Table with his entourage, Juan Manuel and Michelle are to the left and there's Tamara with her Scandinavian boyfriend (whom I always seem to run into when he's just about to winter back home in Europe). The Kitchen is getting a strangely family kind of feeling and you'll never know who you're going to run into.

Anyway to make a long story short, I finally got to try the Indian Summer Flatbread. Tasty. Sweet. Me likey. But what I was really looking forward to was the modified ribeye. Juan Manuel had come by The Spro earlier and we were chatting about menu options and how nice it would be to have the ribeye with french fries and topped with a fried egg instead of the potato gratin - and that's the way I had it. Just right with a little bit of yolk to act as a sauce. Nice.

Of course, Mike is similar to me in that a meal isn't complete without some rice. What better way to compliment the ribeye than with an order of the Bacon & Egg Fried Rice?



Anonymous said...

That looks so good, I think I might cry. Thanks for letting the rest of us know that life is not fair. Send the fries back and get the rice instead. Bleu cheese for the steak...mmmm.

restingmusic said...

When Jill and I were in Ecuador for our honeymoon, the hacienda we staying at only had about ten menu items, one of which being churrasco served with fries and an egg. Being that we were there for a week, i must have had it four times. Egg yolk and beef are delicious together.

Oh, and that date pudding is ass-kicking and yes, very filling.

I promise I'll give you a call next time I'm up...likely the week after thanksgiving.