Monday, November 19, 2007


United 1223 to Las Vegas waiting for me to board and looking a bit haggard.

Heading back out to the West Coast again after three days at home in Baltimore. First stop: Las Vegas. Sin City. Two nights of partying for Chuck's 40th birthday then off to Los Angeles for a week to visit Al and Polly and hang out with our West Coast crew. Then maybe some coffee work towards the end of my stay...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure other readers have noticed that you are the energizer bunny of travel. I enjoy reading of your adventures, but am left wondering if you ever get homesick. Of course, we would be left with nothing to read if you did stay home, and that would suck as well.

Anonymous said...

"Then maybe some coffee work towards the end of my stay..."
East and West SPROsts perhaps.