Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top Ten Restaurant Meals of 2007

Everyone seems to be coming out with their Top Ten Lists and I thought I might as well be a joiner. Here are some of my favorite meals and places to eat from my 2007 Adventures:

1. per se - New York, New York
2. Woodberry Kitchen - Baltimore, Maryland
3. El Bajio - Mexico City, Mexico
4. Tsukiji Market - Tokyo, Japan
5. El Vip Sito - Mexico City, Mexico
6. Charlie Trotter's - Chicago, Illinois
7. Alinea - Chicago, Illinois
8. Castelli Restaurant - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
9. Sanuki No Sato - Gardena, California
10. Edelweiss - Frankfurt, Germany

1 comment: said...

you're on a roll.

Now to get those places to serve better coffee.

I've been talking about that recently with people in St. Louis. I've been trying to explain that I, and probably others too, would pay 8,12,etc dollars to get a truly fine cup after a good meal just as other people pony up for scotch, dessert wines, etc.

Thus, I was pretty stoked to here you talk about it on portafilter.

So yeah, make that happen would you?