Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Eating Beef at Charles de Gaulle

A fashionable steak sandwich for the intrepid traveler.

Some of you may have been wondering exactly what happened to the leftover meat that I took home from Robert et Louise the other night. Well, it sat in my fridge the whole day since and I tossed in my bag to bring with me on my flight to Frankfurt - in case I got hungry.

Those hunger pangs hit me around noon at Charles de Gaulle. So, I settled into a chair outside of the Terminal 1 security checkpoint (because they'd confiscate my Coke) and made myself at home with the beef, a chilled can of Coke, some leftover pieces of roasted potato and that emergency croissant I picked up at Stephane Secco.

How was it? Well, it could have used a little salt and maybe a microwave but it hit the spot. Sure, some people gave me odd looks, but their loss. I had steak, they had Twix. Muwahahahahaha!

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One Little Seedling said...

My bro had the worst sandwich EVER at the de Gaulle. Hee hee. He was bummed cause I said to wait till the France airport to eat a sandwich. Woops. But it was the new wing. We had a good one and the old side.

As the Iz would say... "I hungry".