Friday, August 15, 2008


Hanna and The Bob play 'Paper, Rock, Scissors.'

Four years is a long time to be away from Hawaii. Especially when little girls are involved. The last time I saw Hanna she was two years old. Now, she's six and quite precocious.

I know, I know, regular readers of this blog are probably aghast and spitting out their meals at the sight of me dining at Chili's. In my defense: it wasn't my choice. It was Ray Ray's choice. He wanted to meet at the Mililani Chili's and I was too stuffed from the Original Pancake House to encourage a different selection.

Country Fried Chicken Crispers, Corn and Rice.

The nice thing about Hawaii is that you can order rice just about everywhere - even the national chains. Since that's the case, I couldn't resist a taste of their Chicken Crispers. Nothing special really. Just battered and fried strips of commercial chicken breast and overcooked corn. Ray had the habanero chicken wings and The Bob had a dessert sampler. Only Doc Rhee and Donella were the smart ones and stayed away from the food.

Ray Ray

Sweet Shots - warm cinnamon roll, double chocolate fudge brownie & apple caramel cheesecake.

Hanna and her pizza.

I'm a bad uncle as I bet Hanna that she can't eat the whole pizza at once.

Donella and Hanna

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