Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nikki & Neil Get Married

Gabriella wonders why the groom is wearing sunglasses and slippahs.

Neil is getting married and it's about time.

It was three years ago, after Al's bachelor party and during Polly's bachelorette party in Las Vegas (don't ask how I got wrapped up in both), that Neil brought Monica (Nikki's real name) around to meet our friends. Stoked, that's the word. The guy looked stoked. And rightfully so. Monica is just stunning. Who would have thought this schleppy guy we've known for years would have met and then married such a great girl?

According to Roy (Neil's brother and best man), they had only met just a couple of months before when Monica and her family were visiting Hawaii. They met, hung out, Neil cleaned their boat and a fairytale ensued. Back then, Neil worked as some sort of CSI guy for the Honolulu Police Department, but once he met Monica, he was off to New York City.

The Wedding Spot

Here's a guy, originally from Philadelphia, who once swore he would never leave the islands, ever live on the mainland again, setting up camp on the Upper West Side just to be close to Nikki. For two years, he lived in New York City and then it was time to get married.

Coming to the wedding was an interesting homecoming. Friends from all over the world were attending. Friends from different groups. Some were from Hawaii Loa College - friends who I haven't seen in over fifteen years. Others were friends from the days living in Hawaii. More were friends from home. Drop all of them on top of a hillside overlooking Chinaman's Hat island and the sea and you couldn't stage a more picturesque wedding.

Here comes the Bride.

Hana, Lisa, Ilai, Duncan, Muneko and David

That guy is stoked.

The last time I saw these guys, we were doing the same thing.

Tim, Dave, Me, Frank, Muneko, Bob, Neil, Lisa, Hana, Chris, Duncan and Ilai.

Neil with Mu and Lisa.

Lots of poke on my plate.

Is it Nikki or Monica?

Tilly and Seena

Christine, Michelle, Gerry, Polly and DJ Un-G.

Night falls over Kualoa.

Samoan Fire Knife Dance

Moonlit wedding.

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