Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ruby's Dinette - LAX

Baby Ian on his first trip to Hawaii.

Our adventure begins at LAX where we experienced something called a "code" at the TSA security checkpoint. During these "codes" everyone must stand perfectly still. Why? I don't know, but I was standing there waiting for something to explode. Happily, nothing happened and we were on our way following Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto with one too many luggages.

Maybe it's the celebrity thing, or maybe it's a parent thing, but those guys were loaded down with baggage. I suspect it's the former because Anna managed to pack everything for her, Christian and Ian in one bag.

Bacon Cheeseburger - only $9.49.

Other than the rather odd experience of riding in a cab with a Russian-Armenian taxi driver who absolutely needed to blast Russian techno music the whole way there, and the near-miss from the absent bomber at the TSA checkpoint, things were going well. I'm enjoying the rare opportunity to travel with friends and our flight is two hours late.

Onion Rings

Tilly and Gerry are flying in from Baltimore and Michelle is flying in from Washington DC. Our rendezvous point is here at LAX, but since we're hungry we camp out at Ruby's Dinette close to gate 60. Ruby's is a fifties style diner and the food is pretty good. The prices are typical airport "ream you in the butt" prices but at least it's freshly prepared and actually tasty.

As our crew slowly gathers from across the nation, we add more chairs and add more food. Soon, there's burgers, fries and onion rings covering the table. My bacon cheeseburger is pretty good but what I'm really excited about are the onion rings. To be honest, there's nothing overly special about them other than the fact that they're perfectly crisp, satisfyingly crunchy and, most importantly, the onion breaks away when you take a bite - it doesn't pull out like a string leaving you with a battered shell. Douse it with ketchup and it has everything I could ever want from an onion ring.

Tilly shoots.

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