Thursday, August 21, 2008

Special K, Eggs and Black & Blue Ahi

Special K, Croissant and a Hard Boiled Egg, with Orange Juice

Once again, I'm alone again. All my friends have returned to the mainland and I'm holed up at the Acqua Coconut Hotel in Waikiki for another night. This morning I've decided to return to my usual retinue of lighter fare by availing myself of the free continental breakfast. Just some light stuff to start the day - especially since I can't decide if I still feel full from my dinner last night at Alan Wong's.

This trip has been like a journey down memory lane. It was nearly twenty years ago (August 24th 1988 to be exact) that The Bob and I moved to Hawaii to attend Hawaii Loa College in Kane'ohe. That first week I checked into the Outrigger Reef Towers on Lewers Street while I hunted for a place to live. Many years later that was renovated and converted into the Wyndham Vacation Resort Condos where we stayed during the first part of this trip.

Now, I'm in the old Waikiki Coconut hotel whose old restaurant Seibu Bistro was the first place I ever tried Black and Blue Ahi that changed my perspective on eating fish forever. In one bite, I was hooked. Ahi was it. Fish was the real deal. But I couldn't remember the restaurant for years after. Until today.

It's strange how some things come full-circle in life.

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