Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spro Honolulu

Old dreams die hard.

Ever since I arrived last week I've been having a bit of a crisis. Ever since I left Honolulu at the end of 1995 I've regretted it and always looked forward to moving back. It's only been these past few days that this desire has been challenged.

I don't know what I would do if I lived here again.

Since I don't work easily with others, going to work at some company seems out of the question. And going back into the movie business is certainly not my first choice in life, so I'm faced with the question of: "what would I do here?"

The obvious thing is to go into business and open a coffee shop here in Honoulu. God knows this city needs good coffee and He knows that I'm capable of doing it. But, is that really what I want to do? Is it really my calling?

For the past twelve years or so (ever since the old days of Havana Cabana), I've always thought the building on Nu'uanu Street would make for a killer club or restaurant or some kind of venture. With it's old styling and cool design, it could be the new hip and happening spot. Women would flock to my side. Men would follow my commands. I could become a minor deity.

In 2004, that old, abandoned building collapsed. All that history and all of my dreams of deification fell with that building. My hopes and dreams were dashed.

Fast forward to 2008 and today where I've happened across that old building and they've build a new one in it's image. It's a gorgeous throwback to old world Honolulu and looks sexy as all hell. Suddenly, my dreams of women and deification came back from the dead. I must take over that property.

So I called the landlord to inquire about the cost. $2.55 per square foot. That's $30.60 in East Coast terms. Good Lord, becoming a deity doesn't come cheap! Inside there's space for an espresso bar, a roaster and lab space for my mad-scientist experiments.

Ah, who knows? Maybe sometime soon you'll find an invitation in the mail for the grand opening of Spro Honolulu...

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Steve said...

that will be fantastic!