Monday, September 22, 2008

Steakwork and Paperwork

Today is a day at home wrestling the never decreasing piles of paperwork and bills that The Spro constantly generates. The amount paperwork never ceases to amaze me and I never stop complaining about it, but as one of my friends pointed out: the day the bills stop coming is the day you go out of business. Hmmm, tempting.

In order to ease my pain, a proper breakfast is in order to keep my energy up and things humming. Luckily, I rolled out to Springfield Farm yesterday to pick up our egg order and grabbed a couple of steaks in the process.

Now, a one pound steak is just too much, so I trimmed out my favorite part of the ribeye - that ribbon of fatty meat running along the perimeter of the eye. It's marbled, it's tender, it's juicy. It's basically the best darn part of the cow. And it would all be mine.

It was also a good chance to add extra seasoning to my much neglected carbon steel crepe pan. Just heat to searing, add some olive oil, a little Vermont butter and sear that sucker proper. Turn and toss in a 400F oven for four minutes and you're good to go.

Add a couple of farm fresh eggs and some hot steamed Jasmin rice from Thailand and suddenly morning breakfast becomes an event.

Now, back to the paperwork.


mikep said...

I heartily agree- that is my favorite part of my favorite steak. Does that part have a name?

I once did some fatty short ribs "sous-vide" (poor man's version) at 120F for about an hour and finished with a quick sear on the grill. I found the taste and texture similar to the ribeye part.

s p said...

Damn that's a good looking breakfast :D I like how your blog includes posts about all foods, not just coffee. I like your style :)