Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vermont: Morning

My morning blog station.

It's morning in Vermont and the sunlight is streaming through the uncovered window rousing me from my slumber. It's an intense sunshine that invades your sleep and your soul refusing to allow you to return to dreamland. The kind of sun that burns a bright pink on your retinas even through your eyes are closed. I just want to sleep.

My iPhone tells me that it's past 9am and that I'd better get a move on things. I'm crashing at the apartment next to Ray and Gesine's eponymous confecterie and am in need of a coffee. The drive down from Montreal was uneventful but it's cold here in Montpelier, hovering right around 31F. A river runs past the backyard and the place is filled with cool retro furniture that they brought with them from Los Angeles when they moved here several years ago.

I'm in Vermont for a short stay on my long way back to Baltimore. I like to use road trips such as this to visit old friends and seek out interesting sights to visit. The past couple of times I toured through this area I made pilgrimages to Ben & Jerry's Factory and to Mane Alves' The Coffee Lab, this time it's more of a relaxed trip for something interesting to eat, some maple syrup and just wholesome Vermont food products that I can't find readily at home.

It warms my heart to find used Le Creuset hanging from the cabinetry.

A River Runs Through It

You know you're in the right place when food processors are just sitting on the stoop.

The first cappuccino of the day.

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