Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Good Morning!

It's Tuesday, November 4, 2008 - Election Day in the United States. The day when the citizenry go to the polls to vote for a new American President. It's a day for celebrating Our American Way of Life. This time, there is no incumbent candidate - just like in 2000.

What did you do during Election Night 2000? Me? I was on a date. Nice girl. Nice time. Went out to dinner in Washington, D.C. and took her on a tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Abe's Place (The Lincoln Memorial). The weather was crisp and cold. It was a nice date. Later, we watched a little bit of the election returns and found lots of confusion going on. Went to bed and by the time I took her home the next morning, we still hadn't decided on a new president.

Fast forward eight years and a new election is upon us. We're ready. We're eager. We're excited. And we have new, computerized voting machines (mostly Diebold) that have been proven to be completely and utterly compromised by bugs and hackers. No longer will we suffer through endless weeks of counting silly pregnant chads. Instead, our votes will be tallied as The New World Order sees fit. No muss. No fuss. It's all computerized and overseen by the government so it must be legitimate.

So while you head out this morning to the polls (like I will), let's have a look at the 2000 Election Results:

George W. Bush - 50,456,002 votes - 47.87% - winner

Albert Gore - 50,999,897 votes - 48.38%

No, this is not a typographical error. These are the actual results released by the Federal Election Commission where Al Gore wins by a plurality vote. George W. Bush was named president by vote of the Electoral College. Here are those results:

George W. Bush - 271 Electoral Votes

Albert Gore - 266 Electoral Votes

Seems odd that in a nation where everyone is told that their vote "counts," the results show a different story. I'll let pundits and people smarter than me explain/debate this whole process but perhaps we should consider that the Electoral College was designed to give the people the illusion of the vote while not allowing the unwashed and uneducated masses have a say in who should be the leaders of our nation.

Whatever the case. Vote - 'cause we're still giving away free coffee at The Spro to those of you who do...

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