Friday, January 09, 2009

The Power Of Christ Compels You

It must be Divine Intervention.

I've been sitting here this morning at The Spro pondering Christian Dogma when the Reverend Kevin Dupree (who some of you may remember as the barista who won the Mister Congeniality Award at the first Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Championship in 2006) stopped by to say hello. It had to be a sign.

Because I had been thiking about a new approach to customers here at The Spro. An experiment of sorts.

All across America (and I presume the world), Born Again Christians greet each other (and everyone else) with warm greetings of Christ's Love. To be honest, it's beautiful sentiment that screeches against the self-absorbed world we live in today. And whenever someone comes up to me with a big smile on their face, a sparkle in their eyes and the greeting "Have a blessed day," I'm put off by it.

It's not offensive. It's just so odd, weird and jarring in this world of ours - a world full of hate, envy and greed. Even though I know deep inside that it's probably a heartfelt and meaningful phrase generously shared, I still find it odd and nearly offensive. Besides that, it's just weird.

Now, before hoards of Christians converge en masse in our tiny hamlet of Towson on a Crusade to exorcise me of The Devil's Ways (I won't go quietly), let me state that I mean no offense in any of this. I'm just fascinated by our reactions to such messages of warmth and brotherhood. Weirded out, yes. But fascinated nonetheless.

I wonder if other people experience this same reaction of apprehension when confronted with such a greeting and I've decided to thank our customers and send them off with a heaven felt greeting to see what (if any) reaction they might have and I encourage all of you, my gentle readers, to try this in your own lives and report back here on your findings. Will people react positively? Will they run away in fear? Will they look at you strangely? Will your friends stop returning your phone calls? Let us know!

And may you go in peace to love and serve The Lord. Have a Blessed Day!


m said...

jesus freaks frighten me pretty much no matter what. i usually regard it as a facade that they hide behind to spread their self-righteous drovel whilst trampling on those who are not as self-proclaimed.

or, i have really bad pms.

Chris said...

Coming from the other side (as a pastor and barista) I can't help but have the same reaction as you at times (I hope I don't get kille for this). Even as a Christian who believes deeply in selflessness, humility and a genuine pursuit of divine love, I feel as though people who speak as such fall under my criticism and fall suspect to my doubt. It takes little to speak the words, but a genuine hope of God's blessing on a person is both powerful and worth pondering.
So, may God truly bless you. May His face turn toward you and His light shine upon you (old liturgical blessing).