Friday, February 20, 2009

Hario In A Box

Good things come in big boxes.

The joys of going to work are highlighted when boxes filled with goodies are waiting for me. Yesterday, that which was awaiting me was a new Hario halogen beam heater and Tokio vacuum pot from our friends at Cafe D'Bolla in Salt Lake City.

In due time I'll be firing up the unit and brewing coffee at home in a very high tech fashion. Then, once we figure out our brewing standards for the devices and train our baristas, I plan on bringing vacuum brewed coffee to order at The Spro!

Of course, there's a kink in the plans. The power converter for the heater doesn't arrive until Tuesday...


prophet25 said...

Hi, is this a vacuum coffee maker? It looks like one though. I have not seen it before, do you have more information on this -thanks.

onocoffee said...

Yes, this is a vacuum coffee maker. We sourced it from a friend in Salt Lake City. Are you looking for one yourself? Let me know and I can forward you more information!

merae said...

Hello! I hope this is ok. I just wanted to let you know that we have Hario Drippers and Siphons available on our site (we are the official US Distributor of Hario Japan Products).

Otherwise, thanks for sharing about the Hario BGS and for helping us get the Hario name out there!