Friday, September 11, 2009

Noticias Ibague

The crew from Noticias Caracol shoots my arte latte for today's broadcast.

I'm a terrible latte artist. Allow me to state that upfront because somehow today I suddenly became an experto en arte latte and was thrust in front of the television cameras for Noticias Caracol.

Earlier in the day, while leading my group in latte art, I poured a really nice rosetta - probably one of the best I've ever made. Even distribution and balance of the leaves and the ideal brown ring around the cup for contrast. Give me a moment to pour latte art when no one is really watching and I'm okay, but let the cameras roll and it's ugly. Mas feo.

Mauricio, Diana and Angel form their own press corps.

I'm guessing that the producer liked the results but any serious latte artist will find the examples a bit like scratching a blackboard with your fingernails. Not too pretty.

Meanwhile, the El Tiempo article featuring Rouki, Rodrigo and myself hit the newsstands nationwide across Colombia today.

Mi estudiante Diana Rivero gets interviewed for Noticias Caracol.

Don't know if the video will be on Noticias Caracol's website but the producer said he would send me the videos. I'll post them whenever I get them.

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