Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sonata Cafe Coctel

That's not fog wafting over the tables at Sonata.

Our cafe crawl continues with Alfredo and Carolina taking us to Sonata Cafe Coctel, an outdoor cafe located in handicrafts market that's quite popular now that the smoking ban is in effect (the tyranny of American imperialism never stops) and with their offering of a liquor menu. The cafe is pretty and offers some decent drinks. Alfredo roasts coffee for the cafe and we're warmly greeted by the owner, who shares with me his source of Colombian chocolate used in my drink.

We're outdoors, the sun on our backs, good drinks in hand, surrounded by good friends and the sights of pretty Ibague - what more could one ask for?

Sightseeing Ibague!

Rodrigo and his Americano.

Carolina y Frappuccino con liquor.

Rouki y Frappuccino sin liquor.

My Cafe Mocca.

Espresso Alfredo.

Sugar Love Notes.

Ay Dios mio, we're surrounded!

Sonata Cafe Coctel
Cr 5 Calle 10
Tolima, Ibague
(57) (8) 2619036

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha That's a very nice blog about sonata !! jaja that's one of my favorites places in ibague, thanks for share this with the world !! xD