Friday, October 09, 2009

ph: A Calm Before The Storm


Tricia said...

So do you feel excited, sick, wanting to scrap the whole idea, or a little bit of all 3? I remember before we opened our original store and then after we relocated the nerves I felt....both times looking at my husband and saying "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this" and "I can always get my resume ready and go find a better job". It is always scary to take the leap (at least for me), but so worth it in the end. You have to take the risk in order to reap the reward. Good luck in your new ventures!

onocoffee said...

Oddly enough, the thought of getting my resume back up to speed to find a better job never pops into my head. I can go back to my old profession, make more money and work less days, but I know it's not worth it.

Right now, I've got an incredibly bright group of people training to be Baristas. We're working with some of the most exciting product on the planet and we're working/pushing to be the best that we can be in the business. We're striving for excellence on our own terms and that trumps working for someone else - no matter how much more money I could make.

That's not to say that I don't worry about whether or not this is the right move. If the location will do well or if I'm capable of staging such a venue. In spite of the worries and questions, it's still an incredibly excited time and I'm looking forward to things to come.