Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ruthless Retirement

You know your adversary is ruthless when you're on the verge of announcing a prize contest and she preempts you by retiring.

I just received multiple calls, messages and emails from industry friends across Baltimore that Elizabeth Large, my long-time culinary adversary and Baltimore Sun Food Critic has decided to retire this month. Humorously, some of them asked if I had a hand in her retirement and I have to respond with a resounding "I Hope So!"

All seriousness aside, I had been contemplating announcing a prize contest: $500 to the person who delivers to me a credible full-frontal face photo of Elizabeth Large. See, as much as I remain a critic of hers, I have to admit that after 36 years on the job, it's amazing that she has been able to retain her anonymity.

But instead of holding a contest and giving away free money, Ms. Large has thrown that away with her retirement announcement. Oh well, guess I'll use that money for champagne.

Best of luck to you Elizabeth Large in your future endeavors. I look forward to meeting you someday - and maybe even enjoying a meal together.

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