Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Death Match

Lindsay, Kimmy, Wiggles and Devlin listen to the Death Match rules.

Death Match.

Even the words conjure fear in the hearts of gladiators.

Tonight is the La Marzocco Hand Brew Death Match pitting baristas against each other in a mano y mano fight to the death for prizes. The person with the highest scores for presentation, taste and Extract Mojo scores wins.

A modicum of pilfering accompanies any coffee event.

Almost as many brew methods as Spro Hampden. Almost.

Koach Kimmy and Devlin in a pre-Death Match warm up.

I don't want to know and didn't want to ask.

Lindsay working the Eva Solo.

Counter Culture's Phil Proteau flexing his chops.

Kimmy preps her station.

Almost ready.

A certain amount of concentration and meditation is required for brewing Chemex.

Vince Fedele running the Extract Mojo.

Devlin in perfect Aeropress form.

Mike, Vince and Mike representing Hotel California Tequila.

Spro Girls Steal La Marzocco Banner.

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