Friday, June 18, 2010

In Need of a Tux

Everyday Dave comes in to have a cup of vac pot coffee. The other day we got to talking and I discovered that he's a regular at the Metropolitan Opera. I've always been a fan of opera but due to either time, money or women who don't really like opera, it's rare that I have the chance to go. And Dave goes all the time.

I know it probably sounds a bit pedestrian, but I've always wanted to see the Franco Zeffirelli production of La Boheme at The Met. Problem is, I seem to have difficulty finding a date to the opera, and the tickets cost $250 each. I mean, if I'm going to make the journey to see one of my favorites at The Met, then I'd like to have a good view.

Enter Dave and his little secret.

Dave goes to the Met quite often because he's buying the cheap seats - and according to him, they're actually good seats where you can see all the action, mainly because the sets are so grand. Hmmmm....

For the price of one Grand Parterre seat, I can see at least eight operas. And the seats are good? That's quite a deal. Looks like I might be in New York City a lot more this fall...

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