Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Portent of Things To Come?

L'Addition de L'Arpege, Fevrier 2008.

Next week we return to Europe for the World Barista Championship in London, with stops in Amsterdam and France. To my pocket, Europe is wildly expensive. Research "the best" places to eat and invariably, they're expensive. Punch into Google something as simple as "best London fish and chips" and you get back reviews of places where they have tablecloths, silverware and the fish and chips cost US$50. How about those chippies where the commoners eat?

Luckily (for us, not them), the Euro has been falling lately. Today's exchange rate: €1,00 = US$1.26 - considering it was around US$1.89 the last time I went, I'm pretty happy about it. Of course, everything is wildly expensive to begin with, so it's a wash.

The plan:

The Fat Duck - waitlisted
St. John - pass
Gordon Ramsay - maybe
Miramar Marseille - does she even like fish?
Maison Antoine (Brussels) - oui!
Robert et Louise - of course
Pierre Gagnaire - table for two
Le Chateaubriand - can we just walk in?
Le Baratin - if we don't get lost
Stephane Secco - death if we don't
Rijstafel - sounds good
Pierre Herme - how could we not?

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Brent said...

How about L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon? Ate there last summer in Paris. As walk-ins for lunch, they accommodated us at the counter. Excellent food and service.