Sunday, July 04, 2010

Robert et Louise

Ana and the Cote du Boeuf pour 2 personnes.

There's one restaurant I've visited every time I've been to Paris and it's Robert et Louise. To be honest, I'm convinced that American Beef is superior to French Beef. Not that the French beef isn't good, because it is. I've just found American beef to be better in both texture and flavor, especially the pastured beef I buy locally back home.

But that doesn't stop me from continually exploring French Beef because, well, I could be wrong. And it certainly isn't that much of a hardship trying to prove myself wrong.

Angelique Bordeaux

This means we're back in the Marais visiting the hallowed Robert et Louise and their fireplace cooked Cote du Boeuf with blood sausage. Somehow, I can't get enough.

I could write more but I think the photos speak for themselves. The blood sausage is still some of the best I've had anywhere, the melon was super fresh and those golden potatoes were killer.

This is how we celebrated The Fourth of July.

Escargots les 6.

Boudin Noir

Sam and Sasha.

Rillettes d'Oie (80%)

Jambon et Melon

Preparing our salad.

Where the magic happens.

The Fat.


Pommes Sautees.


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