Thursday, July 29, 2010

That Old Life

The Trucks Of Production.

Yesterday, as I was arriving at the Renaissance Harborside Hotel, I noticed the young lass wearing a headset and it struck me as odd. She was dressed casually in a white v-neck and dark shorts, not your typical hotel staff uniform. As I checked in with Anna, she informed me that the exercise room would not be available today but they have made arrangements with the Marriott to accommodate our workouts should we need one. I didn't want to disappoint her by telling her that my working out was unlikely.

Turns out they're using the exercise room as a set for a television series.

By the elevators I met location manager Rico Mielnicki and we got to talking about The Biz and the happenings in the Vancouver scene. It's been years since I've worked on a production but it's good to see that film people are still film people no matter where you go in the world.

This morning, on the way to find some bakery at the Fairmont Hotel, I ran into Rico outside by the production vehicles. Again we chatted about the long hours, the merciless producers, the long hours, the short turnarounds and the general cosy life of a film production Teamster driver.

Sometimes I miss the Hurry Up And Wait world of film production, but I'm not yearning to go back.

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