Monday, September 06, 2010

Dinner at Cinderella's

Cinderella's Round Table

Several months ago, when the call came through about Bob's 40th Birthday and where we were going to be celebrating it, my response was: "Cinderella's what???"

Did he really just say "Cinderella's Castle"? What is that? Some kind of strip club in New Jersey?

"No dude, Disney."
"Disney as in 'World'???"
, was my reply.
"Yeah, dude. Disney World. In Florida."

When someone says we're going to celebrate someone's 40th Birthday, the last place I had in mind for a party is the Magic Kingdom, much less Cinderella's Castle.

Well, at least there will be Princesses...

Waiting in line for the Cinderella Photo-Op.

I had no idea that Cinderella had a restaurant. Guess she's putting all those years slaving for her Wicked Stepsisters to good use with a handsome prince, glass slippers, major castle, hair salons, entertainment and a restaurant. By any measure, Cinderella is a pretty successful entrepreneur-slash-Royal.

Snow White and the Four Princesses.

Rock Shrimp "Cocktail"

Parents and uncles clamoring for a photo of Sleeping Beauty.

Ariel flirts with Gerry and Walter.

Ah, Belle - my favorite princess!

Fried Cornish Hen, Macaroni and Cheese and Broccolini.

We were given swords to repel invaders.

Happy 40th Birthday, Bob!

Chef's Dessert Trio

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