Sunday, October 24, 2010

Campeonato Finales

Paola was so good at keeping the judges room in order, Scott and I both offered her jobs if she ever decided to come to the United States.

Our team of volunteers. Great work guys!

Scott and Brent await the beginning of the finals.

Brent and his cookies.

The Championship trophy.

The six finalists await their fate.

Oh la la...Camila!

Ivonne doing something.

Jose in his element - in front of a crowd.

And his co-host. She just had a baby. Go figure!

The volunteers who handled station maintenance.

Our judges. And Camila.

Everyone wants a picture with the champion.

The Champion Lina Zea and us...

Blanca Bernal discusses her scoresheets.

The lovely ladies who kept score.

Two of my favorite Colombianas: Camila and Diana.

Laura and Natalia with the boys.

There really was an Ian Clark Fan Club...

One last shot with our team.

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