Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day Three

Bringing a little Spro Style to the morning calibration.

Scott and coffee guru Alirio Laguna.

A bit of fruit from the farmer with the cowboy hat.

Camila and the Bimbo Bear.

Diana & Dario Riveros ordering lunch.

The mixed pork glory lunch. Very good.

Grinding on the Twin Towers of Robur-E Power.

The Aeropress made a strong showing this year as an infusion device.

Juez-S-13: Hardcore.

Judges at the ready.

Colombians are riveted by the action.

Maria Luisa gets ready to begin.

I had to ascertain the ingredients of Maria Luisa's dropper bottles. A ginger infusion and water literally dripped off the exterior of an orange tree. No alcohol.

Danilo, Brent and Lauro watch intently.

Judges with "sixes" on their minds.

Jose Arreola doing what he does best: speaking to the media and spreading The Good Word.

Look at that crowd: this ain't the USBC.

The Finalists: Ever Bernal, Miguel Manrique, Blanca Bernal, Lina Zea, Oscar Trivino & Mauricio Romero.

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