Tuesday, October 26, 2010

El Corral Gourmet

Camila & Ivonne at El Corral Gourmet

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Ivonne had never eaten chicken wings with her hands before. She didn't know how to eat chicken wings with her hands.

How is this even possible???

Ask any Colombian about hamburgers and you're almost guaranteed that the recommendation will be for El Corral. There's the regular El Corral, which is a fast-food burger joint, and then there's El Corral Gourmet, a place for stylish hamburgers.

I told the girls I would meet and have dinner with them before taking off once again and since we had been talking about El Corral all week, why not?


El Corral is pretty typical. Burgers, fries, Coke and other stuff. I ordered the Madrilena, a burger with chorizo & cheese. Pretty good.

The girls had nachos and wings. Somehow I can't help but to think this is an odd thing for them to eat since we're at a burger joint, but I digress. They've done a great job coordinating our movements through the city and taking care of us along the way - and even putting up with all of our foreign idiosyncrasies. Maybe when we return for the WBC we can bring them along with us to handle our logistics once again.

That would be cool. But for now, it's burgers, fries, wings and nachos all the way.

Chicken Wings

Hamburguesa Madrilena

Tres Leches Cake

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