Tuesday, October 19, 2010

En Bogota

Bienvenidos a Bogota...

2,500 meters

And I'm unbelievably tired.

The flight to Bogota wasn't necessarily bad as it was brutal. As much as I think Continental has an overall nicer product than United, it's United's Economy Plus seating that trumps Continental coach. True, you can pay for DirecTV but flying five hours overnight in a packed plane is absolutely brutal.

And I was paying for it now sitting in the judges training room fighting desperately not to pass out from exhaustion.

Bogota. We had been here before. It's a cool city both figuratively and literally. Chilly weather and the altitude makes climbing anything a chore.

We're in town to judge Colombia's national barista championship and things so far are so good. It's going to be a busy week and we're getting cracking.

So long as I don't pass out.

More as they progress.

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