Monday, October 25, 2010

La Barra

Scott and Marcus focus.

Left to our own devices, our intrepid group of merry coffee people make our way down Carrera 7 in search of a restaurant I spied while visiting last year: Restaurante Diana Garcia. Chef Garcia has a great reputation for great food and I remember seeing it not too far from our old hotel, which means it's only a few blocks from our current hotel. Unfortunately, when we get there, it's closed.

Not closed for good, just for the day. But it means that we're S.O.L., hungry and in need of food. Luckily, I remember a series of restaurants a couple blocks away featuring a plethora of choices in this fashionable Zona G neighborhood on Calle 69A.

Here we find an assortment of restaurants and settle on the Spanish restaurant, La Barra. There's outside patio seating but it's a little chilly and we opt for the second floor dining room where we simply order a barrage of dishes to satiate the hunger of our crew.

Ian and Brent chowing down.


Mashed potatoes

Patatas Bravas

World Barista Champion Stephen Morrissey

Robo de Toro con pure de papa blanca

Chorizo Iberico Picante en Vino Tinto

Morcillo, blood sausage with Torta Espagnola.

More gambas


Paella Valenciana

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