Saturday, November 27, 2010

4th UNBC 2010 - Barista Party

The Venue. At Night.

Edmund Kanunura speaks.

Edmund introduces the UNBCC Board: Michael, Clare, Brenda and Peter.

The buffet opens.

Hungry attendees make their way.

My plate of chicken, goat, chapati, rice, cucumber salad, matoke, nut sauce, potatoes & fried tilapia.

Our Chief Guest discusses coffee and cuisine from the Makarere University.

Clare, Rachel, Louis, Edmund and the Chief Guest announce winners and hand out prizes.

Juliana Mandha wins as the Best Student Barista and a one million shilling prize.

Salim wins for Best Espresso and a "coffee plunger".

The Six Finalists await the announcement.

The 2010 Uganda Barista Champion: Mark Okuta.

With The Champion, Judge Sokia and the boys from Volcano Coffee.

Very Lucky in Kampala: with baristas Monica and Barbara.

I want a photo with everyone.

As well as with Juliana and the winning baristas.

And with Milly and the rest too.



Clare's cute sister: The Chicken Lady.

The Chicken Lady and the 80 Million Escalade.

Alice, The Chicken Lady and her sister, Clare with the Escalade.

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