Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon Coffee in Nyarutarama - impressive and massive.

We've come over to the posh neighborhood of Nyarutarama to visit the site of our training this week: Bourbon Coffee. A local coffee chain that's very stylish, taking operational cues from Starbucks while keeping a solid African identity. This is their largest location of three in Kigali and foreign outposts in Washington DC, New York and London.

This location is huge. It's so large for a coffee shop that it's shocking. I start to wonder if the Rwandan economics of coffee shops is that different than ours. You could fit twelve Spros in this one Bourbon!

Eric, Aida and Benjamin.

We're here to meet Head Barista Benjamin who's coordinating the training here for us. He's arranging for a machine and will make sure we're taken care of while in Bourbon. We chat, we laugh and we sample their drinks. After a week of non-stop coffee, I'm in the mood for something I don't normally order and cannot get at my own shops: fruit smoothies. Mine is an orange and strawberry concoction that's crisp and refreshing - that is, until I hit the top layer of whipped cream which coats my mouth in that dairy thing.

White Chocolate Mocha.

Tango Mango

Orange Strawberry

Aida and her iced chocolate mocha

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