Friday, November 26, 2010

The Happy Contemplations of Room Service

Another dinner arrives via Room Service.

Room Service is starting to be something that I could get comfortably used to. After another long day of competition, scoring, scheduling, writing new Spro menus and coordinating everything else, I'm not in the mood to venture out to eat - even though it's Friday night and pumping out in Kampala City.

For a moment, I swing by The Lakes restaurant to see what's on the menu. The night manager greets me warmly and we chat for a moment. He wants me to sit down for dinner but I'm worn out and in need of a good bathe, I ask him if I could order off the menu and have it brought to the room. He kindly agrees to accommodate my request.

Soup of the Day: some sort of seafood consomme thing.

After a bathe and some surfing the 'net, my tray arrives and I'm treated once again to the luxuries of room service in a five star hotel. Glass bottles of Coca-Cola Light, Rosenthal German china, silverware, linens and a pink rose.

The soup is a bit fishy tasting but nice and crisp. The Ugandan beef steak starts out a little tough and chewy but smoothens out once I get into it. Of course, the filet side is nice and tender. The steak comes with a side of gravy and my own very favorite: a serving of steamed rice.

Ugandan Beef T-Bone Steak with rice, chips and veggies.

Soon after, I'm sitting around, having enjoyed a nice steak dinner in my bathrobe. I'm satiated, fed, happy and contemplating a cigar...

Not bad looking this Ugandan beef.

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