Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kampala Serena

Welcome to the Kampala Serena Hotel.

One of my favorite hotels in the world is the Halekulani in Honolulu. It's a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, which is a designation of some of the finest hotels on the planet and usually an indicator of a hotel which I cannot afford. My hosts here in Uganda have been gracious enough to house me at the Kampala Serena Hotel and it's quite nice.

It's nearly midnight when I arrive after a very long trip so the mind is groggy, but the grounds are reserved and understated. It's luxurious but not in the opulence of say, the Sheraton Addis Ababa. Reserved and unassuming, it's how I prefer my luxury.

Everything is thought out and executed, from the leather-wrapped brass bedside clock to the inlaid woodwork in the furniture. Lovely. And their collection of ethnographic art just lines the walls throughout the hotel. Lovely. I bet they even allow cigar smoking in the lounge.

Fresh sandals and a bottle of water await my arrival.

But it's been a long trip here and there's some work I need to catch up on, not to mention that I'm starving for something hot and proper. A quick call to room service nets me a club sandwich that's pretty tasty with fries, hot sauce and a Diet Coke.

I finish my work around 2am and hit the bed for a little slumber.

Ethnographic Art in the room.

A midnight snack.

The Serena Triple Decker - chicken, bacon, lettuce, fried egg and tomato.

Looks like a hometown girl has already been here.

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