Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Koffee Kampala, Part Two

Rachel, Clare and Peter ride.

After a day of working with baristas, tasting, cupping, drinking, sampling and scoring coffees, I'm pretty much through with coffee. I can barely drink another cup. It's disgusting me right now.

But our agenda calls for visiting a few more of Kampala's coffee shops and we're off in the little Toyota Corolla in search of something coffee.

I'll let the photos do the talking but we did toss in a meal at Faze 2 and Clare decidedly told me not to go to a place called Speke Hotel (where some Australian dudes told me to check out) because there's lots of "girls" there. Evidently, easy girls or girls "of the night."

So much for that noise.

Good African Coffee - the cafe.

Peter at the Good African Coffee bar.

Rachel "uh huh"!

Good African Coffee Macchiato

Peter and his smoothie.

Sunset over Kampala.

Getting screened at Cafe Pap's first location.

The Bar at Cafe Pap.

Clear Chicken and Corn Soup. A bit salty.

Bancafe Coffee's original location.


Fresh Watermelon Juice.

Our hostess: Percy and the FB-80.

Arriving Faze 2.

Butter Chicken.

Our Crew: Clare, Rachel, Myself and Peter.

< Grade AB Ugandan Arabica Coffee.

Salim shows his stash of competition coffees for blending.

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