Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vamos Mexico!

Ana, Julio and Gabby in the hotel lobby.

Who says one needs time to recuperate from jetlag by sleeping in? As much as I would have preferred to spend a couple of hours sleeping, the girls were ready to go out and hit London. Downstairs we find Gabby, Julio and the Mexico v. Uruguay game on the television. Needless to say, Mexico is our favorite.

After a few minutes, the novelty of watching football in the hotel lobby is lost and we're off to search for a better venue with more people.

Near Victoria Station we find a pub where the two World Cup games are going on. At this pub, the France - South Africa game is favored on the big screen and we find two adjoining rooms with people watching our game of choice. Interestingly, in London pubs they offer semi-private rooms with televisions that you can reserve to watch a game in relative privacy. Except, that it, when our group starts to invade your domain.

After a few terse minutes, the first room is filled with a couple from Uruguay. They're not too pleased with our pro-Mexico stance. The next room, however, is filled with a Mexican family sporting matching jerseys and they're more than happy to accommodate our group. Too bad Mexico lost to Uruguay 0-1.

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