Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Eating Beausejour

Macadamia Nuts and a Coke.

The highlight of the Beasejour has been it's restaurant. My first few meals here were just great. Perfectly cooked, tender beef and just the right accompaniments. I loved it. Even the breakfasts were nice. Though the last couple of days have been a bit disappointing. The pork bleu cheese was small and disappointing and then tonights final meal, a reprise of the Steak Farci was nothing like the other day. Lame.

Maybe it's just a different cook today and yesterday. At least, that's what I'm hoping because these French classics are pretty darn good!

Steak Farci - stuffed beef steak with mushrooms, bacon, bread crumbs and cheese cream, with rice.

Inside the Steak Farci.

Coke, peanuts and banana Fritter.

Inside the Banana Fritter.

Escalope de Beouf Vienneoise - pan fried beef escalope with lemon and anchovies.

Morning breakfast with samosa, onion soup, gorilla tea and fruit juice.

Inside the vegetable samosa.

Coke and Potato Crisps.

Roti de Porc au Bleu d'Auverge - roasted pork with blue veined cheese.

Morning breakfast - beef gizzards, french toast, yogurt, potatoes and gorilla tea.

Last Dinner: Steak Farci - not as good or the same as the first time.

Last Breakfast: some sort of pate, some sort of fried thing, hard boiled eggs, cereal and gorilla tea.

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