Sunday, December 05, 2010

F458 Italia

Peering into Fiorano.

I did it.

I drove the new Ferrari F458 Italia.

And I must say that there is no other car on Earth like it. Amazing. Fast. Controlled. Explosive.

Where else do you see so many Ferraris?

It was my first time using an F1 shifter and it's so easy. Just mash the pedal and click the paddle, don't let up on the throttle. Incredible.

Everything you've heard about the massiveness of this car is absolutely true. I've driven a bunch of the 3 series cars (308, 328, 348) and this is worlds apart. Where the older Ferraris required a bit of dexterity to get in and out, as well as stamina for the harshness of driving, the F458 Italia is luxury. Perhaps not as luxury as the GT cars but for the mid-engined crowd, there's nothing like it.

The F458 Italia.

We took it for a blast around Maranello and the thing just rockets when you need it and is nible and agile in the city. Weird. It gives you all the power and speed you could desire, and then some. And just when you've applied what may be too much power to lurch around a guy in the slow lane and the tail feels like it might breakaway from you, the F458 hunkers down, rockets away and instills confidence instead of the expected hell-raising fury you fear is going to get away from you. I loved it.

Now, if only I had a spare $250K...

I went so fast, I never did appreciate the gauges.

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