Saturday, June 12, 2010

HonFest: Day One in Photos

Jack surveys The Avenue.

Setting up shop.

Lindsay and filteros de Chemex.

Jeremy seeks a new perspective.

Jeremy and the iPad.

The Nose Knows.

Devlin spots a UFO.

The crew creates a home for the iPad.

This Hon was a throwback to my youth - I remember women looking exactly like her.

iPad holder - Thanks for the box Barefoot Coffee!

The stand in front of The Spro.

Derrick sautee-ing veggies.

Staff Meal: stir-fried veggies by Derrick, dashii by Jeremy and soba by me.

Mid-Afternoon snack: potato chips and funnel cake.

The Lemon Bomb from Soup's On.

Staff Meal - Dinner: Norwegian Salmon, steamed rice, sauteed veggies and furikake.

Sunset on The Avenue, Hon.

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