Friday, February 18, 2011

Better Than Podcasting

Hell, a real Linotype - for all you printer geeks out there.

After our morning cupping at the Consejo, Paola asked us if we would be interested in making an appearance on Radio La Prensa. In Spanish. "Por su puesto, Senorita!"

And off we went to the grand offices of La Prensa Grafica, across from the American Embassy where we attempted to enter the lexicon of San Salvador.

Your mouth goes here.

Of course, with the exception of Camilo and Jorge Escobar, our Spanish is atrocious. English would have to be our modus operandi. Over the course of an hour, we discussed coffee, the rising coffee prices and the impact of barista culture. It was a good time, in a small, warm and sonically "dead" room. Our Consejo photographer, as well as the La Prensa photographer made it seem as though we were celebrities worthy of Jay Leno.

Then with much ado, we were thrust back into the sunlight and humidity of San Salvador to resume our journey back to the mall to judge Day Two of the championship.

Almost like being on Howard Stern. But with clothes.

Jorge Escobar drops even more Science...

A promo shot with our hosts German and Iris.

The Radio Superstars of El Salvador.

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