Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eating Loroco

Fresh Loroco and Paola - in the grocery section!

Perusing the aisles of the local supermarket, I spied a bag of tortilla chips and asked Paola what she thought of them. Good, but only with dip. Hmmm, maybe that can of Frito-Lay Nacho Cheese dip but that seemed a bit wrong when in a place such as El Salvador. Paola's answer: Loroco Sour Cream dip.

Loroco? What is this Loroco? No one seemed to know. But here in El Salvador, it's wildly popular and they even sell it in the vegetable section. A visit to Wikipedia was sure to identify it as something well-known in America, but no - nada. Just some herb that's popular in this part of the world.

Loroco dip - pretty darn good.

In the dip, it's oddly familiar and quite tasty. In fact, I scarfed down half the tub and half the bag of chips. Paired with Coke Zero and it's a snacktime winner.

But I still have not real concept of what this Loroco really is...

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Anonymous said...

Loroco is a flower that grows on a vine. Salvadorans use the the flower bud before it blooms. It's used in many salvadoran foods like salads, soups & main dishes. It's is one of the main ingredients in salvadoran pupusas. It is very delicious.